The New Blue Economy: Opportunities, challenges and solutions

26 November 2019 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

On 12 September in Kristiansand, GCE Node, Innakva bedriftsklynge and the South Norway European office held a seminar on The New Blue Economy: Opportunities, challenges and solutions. The outputs from the day-long event now will form the basis for better understanding of what the region possesses of expertise and technology that can be transferred into new possible growth areas, as new blue economy. The results indicated possible future collaboration constellations, which will provide project opportunities and new B2B cooperation at regional, national and international level, as well as supporting the established ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. The business cluster “Innakva bedriftsklynge” contributed with expertise, networks and interaction arenas for companies in western Agder. Through the Innakva project, the cluster has particularly worked with players in the blue sector in southern Norway.

The key output of this Periscope event was a description of competence and technology (in a national and international perspective), where knowledge and deliveries from existing industry and research at Agder can be transferred and utilized within new blue economy areas, such as:

-  Aquaculture (salmon and other species, such as industrial production of algae/kelps)

-  Ocean wind and other blue energy sources

-  Multi-use platforms and -areas (eg. ocean energy / aquaculture)

Image: Flickr © apasciuto