Take Homes from BlueWeek Session

21 August 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

PERISCOPE partners NMT and NML co-hosted a session during BlueWeek at the end of May in Rotterdam. BlueWeek is an event where industry, universities and research institutions come together with the aim to share innovative technologies / ideas with each other to discuss the energy transition in the maritime sector. NMT and NML co-hosted a workshop  in which innovative Blue Growth initiatives were evaluated and new possibilities identified. Key questions were posed, such as what makes a (good) integral pilot, how can North Sea Energy Lab pilots be strengthened in the making, and what do the integral pilots need in terms of support and how to organise this support.

A central conclusion is that steps need to be taken now towards an integral development of the North Sea. Only then, will we realize the necessary scale increase in renewable energy production, from 2030 onwards.

Marnix Krikke commented, “A spacious area such as the North Sea suggests an international approach. Neighbouring countries have the same questions about knowledge and development, so it makes sense to cooperate and seek international partners in research, such as Germany. The combination of functions must be tested out first at small scales and built up in layers, inviting international perspective. That is the knowledge development model. Periscope wants to facilitate this.”