Remote and Autonomous Opportunities in Offshore Energy

27 October 2020 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

The Periscope Network is leading project development in the fast-growing sector of autonomous solutions for offshore O&M. Periscope partner Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult are leading this initiative and utilising their Combined Operations and Maintenance, People, Assets and Systems Simulation (COMPASS) Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Cost Model to initially identify standard Offshore Energy O&M tasks. The tool can be configured to an existing or planned site, or use a preconfigured reference site and for this site estimate the weather down time from a library of tasks, provide the costs, CO2 emissions and details on the H&S risk related to these activities. This provides powerful insights into active or planned O&M strategies for offshore energy and will build a cost benefit case for the utilisation of more traditional O&M methods involving vessels and manpower.

This standard approach to Offshore Energy O&M strategies will form a base case against which alternative approaches and technologies can be mapped and considered, including remote and autonomous solutions. It will enable a cost, carbon and H&S case to be built for the use of these new technical solutions in the Offshore Energy market and provide background evidence for Periscope Network will provide to the Offshore Energy sector to support the evolution of remote and autonomous solutions.

Image © ORE Catapult