PERISCOPE Partners run trend jam and idea jam meetings during OffshoreVäst

26 October 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

The 2018 OffshoreVäst Conference, held in Gothenburg on 17 Oct, gathered a number of interesting speakers from member organizations and others, all with a focus on subsea technology, new markets and ongoing and potential future projects. 

During the Conference, PERISCOPE partners RISE and BRG ran a 90-minute workshop with two parallel PERISCOPE jam sessions. The workshops attracted 34 participants divided into two groups. The first group discussed and surveyed interest in nine existing opportunities, focusing on evaluating priority areas from the project’s Opportunity Slide Deck. The Slide Deck currently contains 102 ideas from ideas jams around the North Sea. An evaluation was done, using a survey tool. Many companies were involved and they asked many questions and gave responses to most of the opportunities.

The second workshop looked at trends, ideas and new opportunities and discussed new ideas. After a first idea creation among the participants, similar proposals were clustered. Three proposals were selected where a proposer was responsible for directing and presenting the results of the discussion workshop. The results will now be compiled and, in some cases, supplemented, according to the Opportunity Slide template.


It was a thoroughly stimulating day, and we look forward to the results!