PERISCOPE Partner Meeting – Entering a new project phase

02 October 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

25th and 26th September the PERISCOPE partners were in Amsterdam for a project partner meeting to discuss the progress of the project and to prepare for the next phase.

Prior to the meeting a set of opportunities have been generated through the regional trend jams earlier this year. Therefore, the partner regions prepared these opportunities and presented them at the meeting in Amsterdam. Further, it was mapped out which opportunities had the most shared interests. In addition, the partner regions also rated the opportunities based on the interests in their own regions. The opportunities with the highest rating and most shared interests are those opportunities the project partners will continue to work on through the transregional project development workshops. PERISCOPE will organise several transregional project development workshops the next year. Initially, two opportunities have been chosen as test cases. Thus, one opportunity is being tested at a transregional project development workshop in the Netherlands, and one in Denmark this fall. The partner regions distributed the responsibility for each of the opportunities. Thereby, each opportunity has a responsible partner region which will organise a transregional workshop. Moreover, it is essential that all the clusters continue to map out and identify which actors in their respective regions are interested in the particular opportunities and make sure these actors are represented at the relevant workshops.