PERISCOPE involved in the 26th BSSSC Annual Conference 2018 in Gdansk, Poland

17 September 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

The Annual Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation Conference took place from 10-12 September in Gdansk, northern Poland. This year, the theme was solidarity, participation and smart action for a better future. The PERISCOPE project played a prominent role in the Smart Blue Region workshop “Smart societies - Blue Growth regions”.

This workshop was concerned with trans-regional cooperation, in particular cluster collaboration. “PERISCOPE enables success in cluster collaboration, due to its market focus and its bottom-up approach”, according to Karsten Aust, South Norway European Office, who added that PERISCOPE received much positive attention during the event. The audience specifically expressed their interest in the PERISCOPE methodology & toolkit and how companies could become involved in the ecosystem.

During the panel session, the topics covered were Smart Specialisation and its effect on Blue Growth, as well as the contribution of projects like PERISCOPE to the development RIS3 in European regions.