Periscope at the TKI Maritime event in Rotterdam

03 December 2019 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

During the TKI Maritiem event held on 19 November in Rotterdam, Periscope held a special break-out session focussed on emerging market opportunities for Blue Growth.

Dr. Matthew Spaniol, Research Fellow from Aarhus University, presented PERISCOPE using the methodology that has been developed during the project. Engagement with the audience demonstrated positive results and proof-of-concept for the open innovation platform.

Dr. Spaniol noted that, “The North Sea region has many competencies – here in The Netherlands for example, companies excel especially in areas such as dredging, deep sea mining and aquaculture – and it is critical that these competencies are brought together into transregional collaboration, because the opportunities of the future are so wildly complex that solutions will need to bring these actors together.”



 Images: © NML