Over the last fifteen years, EMEC has expanded and diversified its testing facilities, attracting wave and tidal energy developers from around the globe

21 September 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

PERISCOPE interviews Catrin Sutherland of EMEC, the European wave and tidal testing facility.

EMEC is the world’s leading centre for testing wave and tidal energy converters at sea; more marine energy devices have been trialled at EMEC than any other site in the world. As EMEC runs an international group for all the wave and tidal test sites, it is a focal point for the development of the Ocean Energy sector in the North Sea Region. This sector has strong engineering capabilities supported by existing offshore expertise. However, the ability to drive down cost and attract investment is crucial in its next stage of development. Participation in PERISCOPE allows EMEC to take advantage of its position as a ‘shop window’ for the industry to utilise the tools and techniques in PERISCOPE to support these emerging businesses. Catrin talks of recent interesting projects.