OME (OxyMethylene Ether) as Tomorrow´s ship fuel

16 September 2021 - Published by Martine Elise Farstad

The Periscope Network brought together industry, ports, shipping companies, engineers and researchers to discuss the feasibility of OME as a climate neutral fuel for the maritime sector. 

Acknowledging that OME is a climate neutral fuel which can used on diesel engines but has not yet been demonstrated in an operational environment, the July 1st workshop aimed at creating the foundation for the first pilot in the maritime sector combined with a sustainable small-scale production facility. Attendees included SMEs and representatives from the quadruple helix were present. This workshop builds on the work of previous deep dives of the Periscope Network towards results indicators.

Dr Marcel Van der Sluis from Chemcom in Groningen (NL) and Dr Knut Henriksen from Scanwatt (NO) informed attendees about the applicability and sustainability of the OME, in addition to production technologies and challenges.

There followed discussion about a cross-border innovation project to allow the OME to be demonstrated and validated. Specifically, five strands of action were identified, being:

  1. Adaptation and optimisation of diesel engine for OME use, including verification in lab
  2. Small scale OME production facility
  3. Piloting on ship
  4. Standardisation of OME for maritime applications
  5. Sustainability and viability of OME in the shipping sector

The event concluded with an outline of funding opportunities under Horizon Europe, the Innovation Fund, the New Green Deal and other pertinent revenue streams.

Participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Scotland and England took part and will meet again in the second half of August to work on their transnational collaboration pursuing this novel Blue Growth market opportunity.