Marine Energy Alliance Welcomes 23 New SMEs

24 June 2020 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA), funded by INTERREG North West Europe and including Periscope partner EMEC, has just awarded services to 23 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through its second call for applications.

MEA aims to progress the technical and commercial maturity level of early-stage (TRL 3-4) marine energy technology companies with the overall goal of reducing the risk of device failure in subsequent demonstration phases.

The awarded companies are:

  •       Floating Energy Systems Ltd
  •       Dublin Offshore Consultants Ltd
  •       HydroWing Ltd
  •       Wenverter Ltd
  •       Tidal Flyer
  •       Seaturns
  •       Farwind
  •       Solarinblue
  •       Oceans of Energy B.V.
  •       Dolfines
  •       Resolute Marine Ltd
  •       Sea Wave Energy ltd
  •       Infinities Global Limited
  •       LHYFE LABS
  •       Solarduck
  •       Novige AB
  •       Development v Kim Nielsen
  •       Solarge B.V.
  •       Ingine Wave energy Systems Ltd
  •       Stiesdal Offshore Technologies A/S
  •       EO Link
  •       WITT
  •       Waveco AS

The 23 selected marine energy technology companies will receive a suite of tailored expert services that will enable them to realise their ambitions and, more broadly, contribute to the coherent growth of the marine energy industry in general.

Through participation in MEA, companies will gain access to the project partners’ world-leading expertise in marine energy development, including with the Periscope partner, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

Awarded companies will have the chance to work closely together with a transnational team of marine energy experts on both the technical advancement of their technology, as well as the development of their commercial strategy and business plans.

Each service offer is intended to put the company’s technology and business firmly on the road towards successful commercialisation.