Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation – What are the strategies and what do you need to know?

02 December 2020 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

Periscope partner, RISE, hosted a webinar on 26 November looking into different approaches in managing IPR in the development of new products and services. IPR was created to encourage innovation and reward entrepreneurs and innovators but have turned out to be a potentially gruesome process, costing both time and money. Different aspects for companies to consider and what was learnt from those who have made the journey were addressed.

Experience and know-how was shared from the law firm MAQS covering innovating with others – what to consider in the contractual relationships, and from RISE themselves in patents – a multi-purpose tool. The webinar then looked at IPR in an innovation context. The event concluded with questions and answers from the participants around the North Sea region.

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