Innovation in the Blue Economy

05 December 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

Innovation in the blue ocean economy is taking center stage at the ISPIM conference as Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck is presenting progress on the EU-Interreg PERISCOPE project. The ocean is full of potential for economic growth: from unlimited renewable energy, blue biological discoveries, new modes of transport, to new ways of farming and harvesting and beyond, the ocean is already taking center stage, because more than 2.4 billion people live within 100km of the coast, and as the human population continues to grow, there will be tremendous pressure on the coasts and oceans to continue to provide its resources. “The current attention on ocean plastics is also drawing attention to the deeper and systemic importance of the oceans. PERISCOPE is using foresight to catalyze systemic innovations to be able to unlock new and sustainable growth on the oceans.” said Prof. Rohrbeck.