Heterogeneity is good and above all, communicate!

15 June 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

These were the takeaways from this week’s meeting of the twelve partners in PERISCOPE who met in Amsterdam on June 14th.

The day was packed with reports and updates from partners on activities in their regions, both past and planned. Good practice was identified and exchanged, with an emphasis on the practical. Particular attention was paid to stakeholder engagement and methods to ensure the involvement of SMEs and those in blue industries.

It is evident that each region has a different approach to the idea jams, all equally valid, and they are benefitting from tools developed and created during the first months of the project. Tricks to engage workshop members and how to map foresight were among the experiences exchanged. These methods, hints and pointers will be leveraged during the upcoming trend and idea jams around the North Sea region.