GCE NODE met with Agder MPs

22 June 2020 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

Periscope partner GCE NODE continues with the project role of informing and interacting with policymakers, and recently met with Members of Parliament from Agder. The aim of the online meeting was to give the MPs a better understanding of the challenges facing the industry.

“We are deeply concerned for the third and fourth quarter. Currently, there are close to no order intake for several of our companies. If there is no new business in the coming months, the consequences for our region will be severe,” warned Høye Høyesen, CEO of GCE NODE.

Members of Parliament from all parties listened to his concerns and to his call for promoting the Agder region for an offshore wind pilot project, which could build on the offshore technology and competence in the GCE NODE cluster.

“The Agder region is world-leading within mooring, floating structures and control systems – which all are essential to being successful in floating offshore wind. We also have a premier education within mechatronics and a national lab facility, which supports this industry,” said Høyesen.

Image © GCE Node