Gaming ‘Landscapes of Change’ and following the ‘Circular Foresight Process’ with Blue Economy experts

18 June 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen
At a PERISCOPE network meeting this month, partner 4strat led a game to enhance learning in foresight.

At the recent network meeting of PERISCOPE partners, foresight expert and partner 4strat led a ‘game’ to enhance learning in foresight.

Foresight is used to anticipate future developments and trigger responses to them. Serious games can enhance foresight by creating engaging experiences and increasing interaction between participants. Serious games can be used to generate new insights about alternative futures. They can be used to support internalising knowledge, communicating and sharing ideas, increasing and broadening participation and creating new futures knowledge. Games create fun and engaging experiences that increase the interaction between participants to the foresight process as well as with the data gathered.

This mini-workshop mapped blue sky challenges and ideas on a dynamic ‘Landscape of Change’ to help all partners to understand change related to the blue economy. The resultant map will be visualised graphically, shared electronically and updated iteratively by following the ‘Circular Foresight Process’ at future meetings. It creates a visual narrative to start regional discussions on blue growth and is a fun way to exchange and calibrate opinions.