Equinor stressed the importance of digitisation at an Open Innovation Meeting at Fevik

13 December 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

“Digitisation drives the next wave of improvements. And when it comes to digitisation, we need help,” said Per Haaland, Vice President of Drilling and Wells at Equinor.

Close to 70 people in the oil and gas and maritime industries gathered at Fevik Strand Hotel on 12th December to learn more about Equinor’s project and investment plans, and to align with the dominant Norwegian operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The meeting was organised by PERISCOPE partner, GCE NODE.

Digitisation, a main focus area for GCE NODE since 2014, is also considered a key issue for Equinor. The company estimates that digitisation represents an annual value creation potential of more than 2 billion US dollars!

“We currently have 1200 wells in operation. Who knows if they continuously run at the most efficient level. Digitisation in the form of more sensors, more data and better data analysis, could help optimise operations,” said Haaland.

According to Equinor, there is a further 30% cost reduction potential in developing ‘Field of the Future’, which includes remote operations, and a 15% cost reduction potential in developing automated drilling.

“We would like to implement a model similar to what we find in aviation, where pilots fly the plane 3% of the time and 97% of the flight is automated,” said Haaland.