Equinor, Innovation Norway present offshore wind plans in Kristiansand

03 July 2019 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

Equinor met the supplier industry in Agder to discuss cost-effective solutions for the first floating wind farm in Norway. Equinor’s goal is to further develop the technology piloted in the Hywind Scotland project, including significantly cost reductions, and to lower CO2 emissions from the oil and gas fields at Tampen, in compliances with the industry’s Road Map for increased sustainability. On June 25, Periscope partner GCE NODE hosted a meeting in Kristiansand, where Equinor presented the most relevant areas for further technology and system development, and Innovation Norway presented the new support schemes established for offshore wind. 

“We welcome Equinor’s initiative to build a floating wind farm in deep offshore waters. This could kickstart a new industrial era based on technology and competence from the oil & gas and maritime industries,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE. 

There are a number of reasons for why Norway should make floating wind a priority: 80% of all offshore wind resources are located in waters 60 meters deep or more, ruling out fixed installations. Furthermore, Norwegian industrial players know how to operate at sea, and how to operate at great depths and in harsh environments. 

“We have 50 years of experience from the oil & gas industry and even more from the maritime sector. Now we are looking at an opportunity to take a leading position in what is a truly global market. If we succeed, floating wind could be a huge Norwegian export industry based on what we learn from projects on our continental shelf,” says Ellingsen.

Photo © Flickr: Askjell Nikolas Raudøy