Energy Transition Outlook 2050 event in Norway

04 May 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen
– We will work hard to be a part of the new and growing markets focused on Blue Growth, Anne Grete Ellingsen (CEO of GCE Node), said on a Maritime Networking workshop in april.

In April, a PERISCOPE partner, GCE Node, organised a Maritime Networking workshop with a long horizon. The event is one of a series involving DNV, who recently published an "Energy Transition Outlook 2050" report.

This particular round-table event, targeting professionals in the oil and gas industry, was well received.

Anne Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE Node, commented “We will work hard to be better where we are, and at the same time work hard to be a part of the new and growing markets focused on Blue Growth”. Many future-orientated reports focus on the relevance of the ocean as a new and important market. Improving the competence of the oil, gas and maritime sectors is crucial to maximise the use of the ocean as the future work place, energy provider and food source – Blue Growth.

Ole Johan Harnes of DNV GL presented their report with a focus on «Maritime forecast 2050» and Isabelle Aabel, EU advisor in GCE Node, presented the PERISCOPE project.

This workshop addressed the future ocean market and how industry can be made ready to meet this market. The participants were grouped in two as part of an assignment to help define projects that are needed to solve the future ocean issues, a foresight tool. The overall goal of this assignment was to define prestigious projects and operationalise them, lowering the threshold for these projects. It resulted in two projects being defined.