Electrification of recreational boats

16 September 2021 - Published by Martine Elise Farstad

So far, the market for electric boats is small, but now the capacity of batteries is starting to become so good that the range of the electric boat is sufficient for most needs. The great demand and acceptance for electric cars is therefore expected to spread to leisure boats in the next few years.  

However, the limitations in the current charging infrastructure still mean that the mobility of the electric boat owner is limited. If a transition to an electrified recreational boat fleet on a large scale is to become a reality, investments in the ports' electricity infrastructure are required. If you could also quickly charge the batteries during a day visit to nearby excursion ports, the range of electric boats is basically doubled. For example, it would be possible to get from Saltholmen to Marstrand about 20 nautical miles away for charging and return travel the same day.  This has emerged from a study initiated by Periscope partner Business Region Gothenburg in collaboration with Grefab and Göteborg Energi.  

The Periscope Blue Growth Network has been working with Business Region Gothenburg and Arendal kommune on a joint European initiative on electrification of recreational boats.

New study: How we can get many more electrified leisure boats in the archipelago | Business Region Gothenburg (