Digitalisation and Management of Big Data - Hackathon in Malmö

09 December 2019 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

On November 27, Periscope held a Hackathon in Sweden focusing on opportunities in Digitalisation and Management of Big Data. The event was organized as a collaboration between Periscope partners BRG, RISE, GCE NODE, the network Swedish Marine Technology Forum and the cluster organization Media Evolution. To kick off, the company Sensative AB presented about their operations and shared an example of how their data platform is used in property management and how data can be collected and made available to different stakeholders through Open Data in different ways.

Participants were then divided into two groups, which were guided by the facilitator for suggestions on a "product". The groups proposed two very different "products". One group presented a proposal on how sensors can be used to control load securing on container vessels, “Smart Cargo Lashing”. The second group addressed the need for more data on the sea and marine life and took the Baltic Sea as an example of how data collection could be developed.

In both cases, how the product proposals will be taken to the next step was mapped out.


Images © RISE Research Institutes of Sweden