A Sketch Atelier in Groningen

28 September 2018 - Published by Stig Marthinsen

Within the PERISCOPE project, a Sketch Atelier was held in July on behalf of the ‘Kenniscentrum Biobased Economy (KCBBE)’ of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Hanze University has been working on researching business opportunities using the Business Opportunities Bottom-Up approach, engaging citizens living in the province of Groningen, as tapping into the wisdom of the crowds yields a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and concrete ideas.  What connects, drives and enthuses people and what do they consider important for themselves, their children and grandchildren? The first step is to find a common ground in the form of shared values. The second step is to develop these into ideas for sustainable entrepreneurship, in collaboration with knowledge institutes, regional and local governments and the business community.

The Atelier, led by landscape architect Wim Boetze, is an approach common in field of regional area development usually involving citizens, entrepreneurs and government officials. This approach allows these parties to exchange views and discuss standpoints whenever changes in residential and/or rural area plans are proclaimed. The sketch master visualizes the group discussions by literally sketching the ideas and view on a map. 

By introducing a second sketch group that is dealing with the same problem, outcomes between groups can be compared, which increases insights and allows for new thought directions to emerge. Comparing results and allowing interaction between two or more sketch groups are essential elements of the approach.