News from Periscope Blue Growth network

An Innovate UK-funded project focused on developing a smart integrated monitoring system for offshore energy subsea cables has drawn to a close after the trials at EMEC

12 September 2018

The novel technology will ultimately lead to better maintenance and repair of underwater cables, reducing costs in the offshore energy sector, according to EMEC.

The 12-month project, named C…

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CMTs role in PERISCOPE project

22 August 2018

Grit Ladage from Center of Maritime Technology (CMT) talks about what the CMT is, why the CMT is involved in the Periscope project, and informs about a trend jam they are organising at the Wind Ener…

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Take Homes from BlueWeek Session

21 August 2018

PERISCOPE partners NMT and NML co-hosted a session during BlueWeek at the end of May in Rotterdam. BlueWeek is an event where industry, universities and research institutions come together with the…

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Two PERISCOPE partners attend the Smart Blue Regions Workshop in Gdansk

12 July 2018

The Netherlands Maritime Technology trade association together with the Center for Maritime Technologies attended the Smart Blue Regions project Workshop "Offshore Wind Energy Supply Chain - the futur…

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09 July 2018

To mark the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE’s) 200th anniversary, and to support UK Government’s Year of Engineering, the Institution is highlighting 200 inspirational and world-changing projec…

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25 ideas generated at first UK idea jam

03 July 2018

At the first UK idea jam on wave and tidal energy, the event consisted of an intensive idea generation session.

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EMEC shortlisted for clean ocean energy funding under EMFF

27 June 2018

The European Commission has selected the SEA Wave project (Strategic Environmental Assessment of Wave energy technologies) for funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

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Geothermal energy provides many business opportunities for companies in the oil and gas industry

19 June 2018

June 13th, PERISCOPE-partner GCE Node organized a geothermal workshop in Kristiansand, Norway.

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PERISCOPE partner EMEC works with Microsoft on data centres in the ocean

18 June 2018

PERISCOPE partner European Marine Energy Centre has sunk a data centre in the sea off Orkney for the computing giant Microsoft to investigate whether it can boost energy efficiency.

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Gaming ‘Landscapes of Change’ and following the ‘Circular Foresight Process’ with Blue Economy experts

18 June 2018

At a PERISCOPE network meeting this month, partner 4strat led a game to enhance learning in foresight.

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