iSea 2018 - Match of the Concepts – 4 October 2018

Venue: RDM Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam

The North Sea is buzzing with activities: new initiatives such as offshore wind farms, mariculture and artificial islands are emerging and challenging our traditional ideas of the sea as a space. We are also faced with challenges: exhaustion and pollution of the North Sea are but two. Rijkswaterstaat considers it of great importance to continue using our North Sea in the future in a sustainable way, but innovations are needed for this.

With iSea, we want to stimulate and advance sustainable innovations around the North Sea. During the innovation competition Match of the Concepts, innovative entrepreneurs pitch their innovative idea to a jury of experts. The winner will receive an innovation voucher worth 10,000 euro at one of the large knowledge institutes: TNO, Deltares, Wageningen Marine Research or MARIN.

For whom

Are you, as an entrepreneur, investor, student or on behalf of the business community or the government involved in developments around the North Sea? Are sustainability and innovation in bold in your dictionary? Or do you have an innovative idea about the challenges in these areas? Sign up now for iSea 2018!

Innovation Expo 2018 | Side Event

iSea 2018 - Match of the Concepts takes place at the Innovation Expo on 4 October 2018 in the RDM Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam.

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