“Collaborative projects - Innovative testbeds Göteborg”

Venue: Gothenburg
In september/october this year, Business Region Gothenburg will host a trend jam built around their work with different testbeds.

BRG will host a trend jam that will be built around the Gothenburg’s work with different testbeds and give examples of project like ElectriCityTest bed Göteborg will act as a display window and catalyst for an entire infrastructure of test environments for innovation and knowledge development in collaboration between business, academia and public actors. It is open to all and has as a pronounced strategy to increase the inclusion of actors who do not usually participate in test bed activities. It will give companies both ideas but insight into what is possible and what you can interact around and how to implement it to Periscope.

The Trend Jam will be built around different inputs from:

·        Talk on blue growth opportunities, market and technology trends. What will shape the blue industries of tomorrow?

·        Periscope and its opportunities and how to implement your service, product or innovation

·        Presentation Testbed Göteborg

·        ElectriCity – an example of a testbed project, how to build.

·        Communicate the results so far from PERISCOPE