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The NSR is a crucial area for Europe's Blue Economy with marine resources, technologically- advanced industries, major port areas and increased offshore activities. Due to global drivers, the wider maritime, marine and offshore economies are exposed to profound challenges with some industries undergoing significant changes, including increased production (offshore wind in Denmark and Germany), as well as stagnation and decrease of production (oil & gas in UK and Norway) - the NSR is experiencing a period of considerable restructuring.  

PERISCOPE aims at establishing a permanent innovation ecosystem in the North Sea Region to grow transnational innovation partnerships for sustainable business development in emerging blue markets.

PERISCOPE is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.


Latest Project News

Periscope webinar on gaining more knowledge on the use of drones in the maritime sector

12 August 2019

Following the popular webinar last month, the transcript is available for those who were unable to attend.

With contributions from real users in…

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Drone applications in the maritime industry – Call for Speakers

10 July 2019

The international PERISCOPE workshop “Drone Applications Maritime Industry”, will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 2 September2019.


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Equinor, Innovation Norway present offshore wind plans in Kristiansand

03 July 2019

Equinor met the supplier industry in Agder to discuss cost-effective solutions for the first floating wind farm in Norway. Equinor’s goal is to furth…

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Periscope partners solicit open innovation solutions from their members around the NSR

01 July 2019

Equinor is seeking  for a method permitting cost-effective installation of small sensors at the bottom of insulated pipes in an i…

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Periscope participated in ELBE event on Blue Energy on 21. May

01 July 2019

A seminar dedicated to Blue Energy took place on 21. May at the Hotel Waterfront in Gothenburg, southern Sweden. The seminar, organised by the ELBE p…

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