Varberg AV pilot: Watch the video!

30 May 2022 - Published by Sophie Rasbash

For two weeks in June 2021, the self-driving bus operated on Tångkörarvägen in Varberg. The interest from the public was positive and a total of almost 800 people tested the new technology. Staff from NOD were present in Apelviken during the entire pilot run to answer questions about the bus and to ensure that the current Covid-19 restrictions were complied with.

The bus worked in a street environment and in interaction with other traffic, learning how travellers and people in the environment perceived a self-driving vehicle. The AV pilot demonstrator ran for two weeks in the popular surf mecca Apelviken in June 2021. The site was selected due to long term ambitions to reduce car traffic in the area, the test deemed to be a good opportunity to obtain data for future planning.

Watch the video below on the pilot:




Visit Varberg municipality here for more information on their PAV activities.