PAV Project Extended: More opportunities for AV development

22 June 2021 - Published by Sophie Rasbash

Over the course of the project, the partners in the PAV consortium have become increasingly interested in exploring the benefits of autonomous mobility with a longer-term vision in mind. Especially to prepare for the time after their local pilot projects have been implemented successfully in PAV. The two factors that are still unknown and are crucial for future decision-making are the following:

  • Understanding of the financial value of larger-scale deployment of AVs in public transport (now and in the future).
  • Exploring the value of automated vehicles in sectors outside public transport, e.g. for the movement of goods (logistics).

In order to expand the future impact of the planned AV demonstrators and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) development in PAV, the project has now been granted a project extension with two added-value activities that will greatly increase their knowledge on these important decision-making factors. During the extension, the project plans to investigate the financial value and impact of AV on public transport in and around Inverness (HITRANS), Varberg municipality and the City of Almere. Further, HITRANS and POLIS will test the feasibility and potential value of deploying Automated Vehicles in the logistics ecosystem of the North Sea Region and assess a local case study for Inverness.


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