PAV local CCAM reports from Inverness, Varberg and Almere

09 June 2023 - Published by Sophie Rasbash

The PAV project has brought together PAV AV pilot partners from Inverness, Almere and Varberg to develop 3 local CCAM local business case study. These studies analyse the feasibility and benefits of introducing cooperative, connected, and automated vehicles (CCAVs) into the public transport systems of Varberg, Inverness, and Almere. They compare different deployment models, vehicle types, and routes to assess the business case for CCAV implementation. The studies evaluate economic viability, operational efficiency, and potential benefits to inform decision-making for integrating CCAVs into urban transportation networks.

By analysing these factors, the studies aim to determine the economic viability, operational efficiency, and potential benefits of implementing CCAVs in the respective public transport systems. The findings can help decision-makers assess the potential of CCAVs and make informed choices regarding their integration into the urban transportation networks of these cities.

Access the reports below: 

  1. CCAM business case study: Inverness 
  2. CCAM business case study: Almere
  3. CCAM. business case study: Varberg