Exploring the Almere Virtual Pilot: Evaluating AV Scenarios for Future Urban Transport

22 May 2023 - Published by Sophie Rasbash

The AV virtual pilot in Almere simulates the introduction of AV buses in Almere's future urban district of Pampus. Earlier this year, the City of Almere hosted a workshop in Almere where PAV project partners and various experts worked together on an evaluation of the virtual pilot's AV scenarios. You can see a summary of what was discussed more in detail here.

During this workshop, a video crew was present to capture the day. The resulting video not only gives an impression of the event and how participants experienced it but also provides an interesting introduction to the Almere virtual pilot as a whole. Members of the Almere local PAV project team and participants of the workshop talk us through the learnings of the workshop and the Almere virtual pilot approach.

Watch the video below: