Exploring innovative AV design solutions with AHO and MIT

21 April 2022 - Published by Sophie Rasbash

PAV project partners AHO have developed a report on the innovative AV design solutions. Working with Alan Berger from MIT.

The AV design solutions presented in the report is categorised according to five topics:

1) On-demand ride-hailing, such as Uber and Didi, which allow passengers with smart phones to submit trip requests and match them to vehicle based on their locations and vehicle’s availability.

2) Fixed Route Stop-Based Ride Sharing. Ride-sharing is a way for multiple riders to get to where they’re going by sharing a single vehicle, usually a bus or shuttle. This mobility makes multiple stops along a fixed route to pick up and drop off passengers, reducing the need for multiple cars on the road.

3) Autonomous Logistic Mobility. Autonomous logistics mobility describes mobility that provides unmanned, autonomous transfer of goods, baggage, and container ranging from last-mile delivery to long-haul transport.

4) Autonomous Parking. Autonomous Parking is an unmanned car manoeuvring system either by on-board plug-in or parking robot. It will largely enhance the efficiency of overall parking system.

5) Drone Technology. Drone related technologies use unmanned drone as main carrier to provide multiple services including last-mile package delivery, agriculture seeding and protection, and inspecting.


 Read the report in full below by clicking the image: 




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