Analysing the acceptance of autonomous vehicles

27 November 2020 - Published by Sophie Rasbash
Recently PAV project partner Ghent University hosted a lecture with its Geography and Urban Spatial Planning students analysing the acceptance of autonomous vehicles (AVs) of various social groups*. 

 On 19 October 2020, the students attended a lecture about the social acceptance of autonomous vehicles with experts Prof. Chris Tampère (KU Leuven), Prof. Lieselot Vanhaverbeke (VUB), and Dr Maya Van Leemput (Erasmushogeschool Brussel). Each discussing their opinion on various topics such as; AVs giving way to vulnerable road users, where AVs should be used, and the expected acceptance of AVs. Afterwards, the students had a discussion with the experts on the topic.



The lecture was organised by Taxistop and the Social and Economic Geography Research Unit (SEG) of Ghent University. Taxistop is a project partner within Interreg North Sea Region Project ART-Forum (Automated Road Transport). The results will be used by SEG as input for the PAV project.


*car-sharers, visually impaired people, households with children, children and teenagers, people with a wheelchair, people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, elderly (65+), women, and (taxi and bus) drivers and people with epilepsy.