A document analysis on the current status of AV literature

29 March 2021 - Published by Sophie Rasbash


PAV project partner AHO (Oslo School of Architecture and Design) is working together with professor Alan Berger of MIT and “Ruter”, the public transport authority of the Oslo metropolitan area, on autonomous vehicle (AV) projects. Part of establishing the project has been to undertake various literature studies and to document the general state of the literature on AV, EV, AEV. Two lists have been developed and presented to the PAV-partners. One is a general and autonomous mobility literature index prepared by Alan Berger, while the second is an AHO-prepared list of basic syllabus-literature for students being introduced to the challenges of AV transportation.

The literature of the first list is categorised according to seven topics:

1) General planning effects of AVs

2) Parking-related issues and AV changes

3) Trip generation

4) Design issues

5) Drone-related changes

6) Environment and health

7) Other landscape related sources for metrics

The second list is intended to be used by students taking part in a case study of the potential for AV transportation in the small city of Ski, a transportation node on the southern railway line connecting to Oslo central. This is where “Ruter” is launching its fourth AV pilot project, which is testing extended AV public transport from the established housing areas to the centre of the node. Starting with vehicles following routes with defined stops and based on a time-table and then later based on on-demand services. AHO is discussing the pilot as a possible model in suburban areas and in the semi-periphery of Oslo. This would be based in the centre of Ski, the town of Ski and the municipality of Nordre Follo where Ski serves as the municipal centre.

Readers should use the lists in projective ways to “cross-over” knowledge from disparate fields to inform possible spatial, environmental and social effects of an AV transport revolution. There has been a lot of speculation on the possible long term effects of AV, but outside the technical realm, little research literature is available. Berger's list is US based and takes the empirical material from US research projects. Many of the U.S. based studies apply to the PAV project, however some do not fully apply in the project case. 


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