Latest updates from the PAV partners

Varberg AV pilot: Watch the video!

30 May 2022

For two weeks in June 2021, the self-driving bus operated on Tångkörarvägen in Varberg. The interest from the public was positive and a total of almost 800 people tested the new technology. Staff fro…

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Exploring innovative AV design solutions with AHO and MIT

21 April 2022

PAV project partners have developed a report on the innovative AV design solutions. Working with Alan Berger from .

The AV design solutions presented in the report is categorised acc…

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Shifting perspectives on autonomous mobility: Journal entries

01 April 2022

Daria Belkouri, Richard Laing, David Gray from Robert Gorden University have written two journal entries surrounding autonomous mobility. Each journal takes an interesting view of the future of auton…

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AV pilot progress in Inverness!

17 February 2022

Great progress has been made on the HITRANS Inverness AV passenger pilot that will see a link between Inverness Campus and a nearby Retail and Business Park. Procurement for the vehicle was launched …

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Learning together: CCAM Planning for AV-Pilots

11 January 2022

Hannover recently held a “CCAM Planning and your AV-Pilot” workshop together with . The steering group critically reflected on the current situation regarding the preparation/reali…

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Social scenarios and a social impact assessment methodology for autonomous vehicles

13 September 2021

Researchers from Ghent University designed social scenarios and a social impact assessment (SIA) methodology for autonomous vehicles (AVs) in order to help local and transport authorities with the de…

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PAV Workshops: CCAM-planning with Varberg Municipality

20 July 2021

PAV aims to stimulate the uptake of electric and shared AVs by developing green transport and spatial planning strategies that incorporate AVs. To this end, it is essential to develop holistic conc…

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PAV Workshops: Expanding AV knowledge

15 July 2021

On 15 April 2021, hosted a virtual workshop to review existent knowledge and guidance on effective planning for Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM). The event aime…

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PAV Project Extended: More opportunities for AV development

22 June 2021

Over the course of the project, the partners in the PAV consortium have become increasingly interested in exploring the benefits of autonomous mobility with a longer-term vision in mind. Especiall…

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Autonomous vehicle movement in Hannover

14 June 2021

Project partner held an initial roundtable for the test operation of the autonomous shuttle. After an introductory presentation of the topic of autonomous driving by Rupprecht Con…

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