PARTRIDGE on national radio and television in The Netherlands

06 April 2018 - Published by Paul Stephens
One of the targets within the Interreg-project PARTRIDGE is to demonstrate good practices of agro- environmental measures. The project wants to show the general public and policy makers that AES can be very effective, if managed in the right way. In early March, the Dutch demonstration sites received considerable attention on national radio and television in two very popular shows.

Coordinator Jochem Sloothaak and Henk van Diest (volunteer) of the demonstration site in Brabant took a radio reporter into the field while they were doing the partridge spring counts. The early morning field visit was very successful. Not only the project goals and the first results could be explained, but also the standardised method for monitoring partridges could be promoted. The reporter of Vroege Vogels (a famous Sunday morning radio show and one of the best-listened radio programmes in The Netherlands) was overwhelmed by not less than 11 calling cocks on a single transect.
Listen to the broadcast here.


Secondly Caroline Geluk, coordinator of the Zeeuwse demonstration site, took biologist Camilla Dreef of the Dutch tv-show BinnensteBuiten (InsideOut) into the fields. A very interesting episode was shot. Caroline explained about the new established flower blocks and the beetle banks. As expected, skylarks and grey partridges showed themselves in front of the camera. The TV programme was viewed by 470.000 people.

If you want to watch the programme, click here.

Written by Jochem Sloothaak, PARTRIDGE demo site coordinator at Oude Doorn, the Netherlands