Press Releases

The UK’s Secretary of State Michael Gove, visits the NSR PARTRIDGE demo site at Loddington

12 February 2019

Our Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, called to visit the PARTRIDGE demo site at the Allerton Project, choosing to swap the current heat of Parliament for a frosty day in the fiel…

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NSR PARTRIDGE project featured on Dutch national television for the second time

24 January 2019

For the second time since project begin, the NSR PARTRIDGE project made it onto national television in the Netherlands. In the TV show  the two-minute feature explains how the …

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Scottish PARTRIDGE demo sites bursting with birds!

23 January 2019

As the blog by on 19 January spelt out, winter can be a challenging time for grey partridge and other farmland wildlife. The modern farmed landscape is usually low on food and…

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Going hungry in empty fields? How grey partridges cope with the lean winter months

18 January 2019

For those of our farmland birds which do not migrate, winter can be a challenging time. Not only are there fewer sources of food but also less cover to protect them from the elements and predation th…

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How the NSR-PARTRIDGE project at Rotherfield helps to influence the influencers - Harold Makant, lead advisor at Natural England explains

17 January 2019

There is a distinct benefit from sitting on the Steering Committee for the PARTRIDGE project, and also being the Natural England (NE) adviser with oversight of the stewardship agreement for the Rothe…

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Heart-warming major Dutch PARTRIDGE event in a cold barn

19 December 2018


"It was a bit cold in the barn, but the meeting was heart-warming!" That was the sentiment at the end of the PARTRIDGE event, which took place in November in the Dutch demo site Burgh-Haamstede. …

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Farmers show their efforts for the grey partridge to an international public

19 December 2018

Over the past two years, farmers within the West Flemish polder have been hard at work establishing a variety of conservation measures at the demonstration site at Ramskapelle. This 500 ha site is par…

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PARTRIDGE Farm Walk: Feeding birds in winter

09 November 2018

Join the members of the project team as they guide you round Whitburgh Farms, one of the 10 key demonstration sites of the .

During the walk, we will discuss the PARTRID…

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As autumn is in full swing, our PARTRIDGE demo site Burghsluis shows itself from its most colourful side for migrating birds.

12 October 2018

Now that the unusually hot summer breeding season is behind us and our surroundings are lightened up in beautiful autumn colours, the different wintering strategies of our birds are becoming visible …

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