Press Releases

Raptors and owls benefit from PARTRIDGE measures at Oude Doorn demonstration site, the Netherlands

28 May 2020

Through the measures within our PARTRIDGE-project, we want to achieve a 30% increase in biodiversity. In doing so, we mainly focus on wildlife species in arable landscapes. Dutch research has already…

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The impact of the PARTRIDGE project in Scotland

21 May 2020

The Scottish PARTRIDGE team have been helping to manage and monitor our two demonstration farms for more than three years now. They are Balgonie Estate in Fife and Whitburgh Farms in Midlothian. The f…

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Working together to achieve more

11 May 2020

The Flemish agriculture is, compared to other countries, characterised by a lot of farmers in a small area. Combined with poor spatial planning and high pressure on the remaining open space by industr…

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A year's worth of Partridge monitoring

24 April 2020

The grey partridge is our flagship indicator species, which means that providing habitat for it also benefits countless other species. To prove this, the PARTRIDGE project does not only include the m…

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PARTRIDGE measures spread their wings in Flanders

14 April 2020

Interest in the PARTRIDGE measures is quickly increasing in Flanders and not only within the defined demonstration sites. Inspired by the work done by farmers and researchers in the PARTRIDGE demo s…

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How my placement at the GWCT has built on my experiences as an aspiring conservationist

03 April 2020

Back in 2018, I spent a month in the Honduras as a volunteer research assistant for a biodiversity conservation expedition. It was there I first came into contact with the phenomenon of human-wildlif…

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PARTRIDGE flower blocks are great news for insects on farmland

09 March 2020

The initial results of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust's (GWCT) insect survey from the summer of 2019 found that the experimental flower blocks farmers established as part of the PARTRIDGE proj…

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Spreading the PARTRIDGE message in Denmark, an update from one of our new project partners.

02 March 2020

The Danish Hunters Association is one of the new partners of the North Sea Region PARTRIDGE project, joining the project in January 2020. Our role in PARTRIDGE is to share and spread information abou…

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Het PARTRIDGE project in de New York Times

10 January 2020

Eind november werd Vogelbescherming Nederland via via benaderd door journalist Matt Apuzzo van de Europese editie van de New York Times. De New York Times werkt al langer aan een reeks van kritische…

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