Press Releases

PARTRIDGE project introduced to cereal farmers at Balgonie Estate

24 July 2017

On a dull, humid day earlier this month, around 50 farmers visited Balgonie Estates in Scotland, one of the PARTRIDGE project’s demonstration sites.

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Hunters provide extra partridge habitat at PARTRIDGE demonstration site Ramskapelle in Belgium

02 August 2017

The polders of Ramskapelle is one of the two Belgium project areas in the North Sea Region interreg project PARTRIDGE.

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First results from PARTRIDGE project

05 September 2017

PARTRIDGE started in the end of 2016. The goal of the four year (2017-2020) project is to demonstrate that modern agriculture and biodiversity go hand in hand. At least 7% optimal habitat will be crea…

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Launch of the PARTRIDGE PROJECT in Belgium

08 September 2017

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)-led PARTRIDGE Project was officially launched at one of its two Belgian sites on 31st August.

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PARTRIDGE Farm Walk at Balgonie Estate

10 October 2017

Join the members of the project team as they guide you round Balgonie Estate, one of the 10 key demonstration sites of the Interreg PARTRIDGE project.

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Habitat improvements result in more insects

31 October 2017

Good for birds and farmers

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PARTRIDGE partners meet at Loddington with farmers from Europe

23 November 2017

By Dr Jennifer Brewin, GWCT Research Writer and Louise Shervington, GWCT Publications Officer. Last week saw the fourth meeting of an international collaboration working to improve farmland biodiversi…

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Field trip with Flemish farmers in the Netherlands

29 November 2017

What is a beetle bank? What is the benefit of this measure for grey partridges and other farmland wildlife? What is the best way to build a beetle bank? How should they be managed?

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PARTRIDGE project partners in Germany test a new wild flower mix for autumn sowing

04 December 2017

The most important habitat requirement of partridges is for unsprayed, insect-rich vegetation of herbs or grasses that provide the right structure for nesting, chick rearing and all year cover. The sp…

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A busy two days at Rotherfield

04 December 2017

Rotherfield farm was host to two recent visits, one from Natural England and the other by GWCT members of staff. This gave more than 110 people an opportunity to see first-hand and learn about the pra…

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