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The natural history of the Grey partridge series

02 March 2022


There are currently 10,989 known bird species ensuring that our world is a rich and beautiful place1. By far the most common relationship among them seems t…

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Succesvol bijvoeren voor patrijzen: hoe en waarom

02 March 2022

In moderne landbouwgebieden is er vaak een gebrek aan voedsel in de late winter en vroege lente (hongerkloof) voor patrijzen en andere akkervogels.

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Successful winter feeding of partridges: how and why?

18 February 2022

In modern agricultural landscapes there is often a shortage of seed-food in late winter and early spring for partridges and other farmland songbirds.

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Winter Feeding Vlog

01 February 2022

Winter feeding is a key measure for improving the winter survival of farmland birds. This consists of supplementing natural food with grain over the winter months to ensure our partridges don't go hun…

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Give farmers the ecological advice they need and want!

03 December 2021

Agri-environment schemes (AES) are mechanisms which provide financial support to farmers in exchange for wildlife-friendly management practices. They are publicly funded and consume not insignificant …

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The trials and tribulations of undertaking bird surveys as a student

24 November 2021

Is it a kite? Is it a buzzard? Oh no, wait, it’s a pigeon!

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Farm Walk at Balgonie, Fife

11 November 2021

There’s a lot of attention on farmers and farming at present. With the joint perils of the climate and biodiversity crises, many are looking to the farming sector to make changes that will help avert …

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PARTRIDGE going global ahead of COP26

04 November 2021

The making of an interview for a global TV Channel

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Hopes for Scottish grey partridges following sunny summer

10 September 2021

As we reported recently, the partridge breeding season in much of England has been marked by a very dry spring followed by a wet summer, with thunderstorms being frequently experienced. For Scotland,…

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Breeding Bird Survey - A day in the field

12 August 2021

It’s a freezing cold Tuesday morning when I exit the house at 5.30 am and there’s a thin layer of moisture on my car window. It’s mid-May, and the weather has been uncharacteristically cold for a coup…

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