Press Releases

Farmer Cluster group in Germany given tips on ways to conserve grey partridge

21 February 2018

At the beginning of 2017, Eckhard Gottschalk (PARTRIDGE coordinating partner for Germany) attended a farmer meeting in Goslar (Lower Saxony) where an interesting discussion about the new flower block …

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The Big Farmland Bird Count at Whitburgh Farms, 2018

15 February 2018

On a very wintery morning in Midlothian, a few hardy souls gathered at Whitburgh Farms earlier this week to take part in the GWCT’s Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC).

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How hedge management affects farmland wildlife

14 February 2018

On Thursday 8 February, an enthusiastic group of farmers from the Winchester Downs farmer cluster and Selborne Landscapes partnership gathered at the Rotherfield demonstration site for a hedge managem…

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PARTRIDGE flower blocks are attractive for Skylarks and Partridges

29 January 2018

The PARTRIDGE flower blocks, half of which are cultivated in spring while the other half remain untouched, are proving not only to be attractive for grey partridge, but to a wide variety of other farm…

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Dutch PARTRIDGE team wins award!

15 January 2018

The PARTRIDGE team of the Dutch province Noord-Brabant received the Golden Medlar award at the dutch biodiversity symposium on Thursday 14 December.

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Partridge promotion at Dutch biodiversity symposium

14 December 2017

On December 8, the Dutch team took the chance to present the PARTRIDGE project at a symposium on biodiversity.

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Grey Partridges doing well at a key Scottish demonstration site

12 December 2017

Many farmers across Scotland (and elsewhere) struggled this year with challenging weather at various key times during the growing and harvest season, with disappointing outcomes for many.

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A busy two days at Rotherfield

04 December 2017

Rotherfield farm was host to two recent visits, one from Natural England and the other by GWCT members of staff. This gave more than 110 people an opportunity to see first-hand and learn about the pra…

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PARTRIDGE project partners in Germany test a new wild flower mix for autumn sowing

04 December 2017

The most important habitat requirement of partridges is for unsprayed, insect-rich vegetation of herbs or grasses that provide the right structure for nesting, chick rearing and all year cover. The sp…

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Field trip with Flemish farmers in the Netherlands

29 November 2017

What is a beetle bank? What is the benefit of this measure for grey partridges and other farmland wildlife? What is the best way to build a beetle bank? How should they be managed?

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