Press Releases

Farmers discuss sowing methods in Belgian pub

13 April 2018

Belgian farmers gather to prepare the sowing of PARTRIDGE flower blocks.

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The importance of PARTRIDGE with the current decline in farmland birds across Europe

10 April 2018

The results from recent bird-monitoring studies carried out by France’s National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) and the National Centre for Scientific Research reveal that the country’s bird populat…

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PARTRIDGE project appears at top agricultural conference in Brussels

09 April 2018

The NSR Interreg PARTRIDGE project recently appeared at the FFA 2018 (Forum for the Future of Agriculture) conference in Brussels.

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PARTRIDGE on national radio and television in The Netherlands

06 April 2018

One of the targets within the Interreg-project PARTRIDGE is to demonstrate good practices of agro- environmental measures. The project wants to show the general public and policy makers that AES can b…

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Neue Blühflächen durch Informationsveranstaltung zum Rebhuhnschutz

13 March 2018

Anfang 2017 hat Dr. Eckhard Gottschalk auf einem Informationsabend für Landwirte in Goslar die Agrarumweltmaßnahme “Strukturreicher Blühstreifen” vorgestellt.

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Winter feeding important for farmland wildlife

22 February 2018

Supplementary feeding during the winter months is a key part of the PARTRIDGE project. It is particularly important during the winter months when food is scare and the temperature drops.

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Farmer Cluster group in Germany given tips on ways to conserve grey partridge

21 February 2018

At the beginning of 2017, Eckhard Gottschalk (PARTRIDGE coordinating partner for Germany) attended a farmer meeting in Goslar (Lower Saxony) where an interesting discussion about the new flower block …

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The Big Farmland Bird Count at Whitburgh Farms, 2018

15 February 2018

On a very wintery morning in Midlothian, a few hardy souls gathered at Whitburgh Farms earlier this week to take part in the GWCT’s Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC).

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How hedge management affects farmland wildlife

14 February 2018

On Thursday 8 February, an enthusiastic group of farmers from the Winchester Downs farmer cluster and Selborne Landscapes partnership gathered at the Rotherfield demonstration site for a hedge managem…

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PARTRIDGE flower blocks are attractive for Skylarks and Partridges

29 January 2018

The PARTRIDGE flower blocks, half of which are cultivated in spring while the other half remain untouched, are proving not only to be attractive for grey partridge, but to a wide variety of other farm…

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