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How partridges can bring an array of colour to our farmlands

26 September 2019

For good reasons, partridges are well camouflaged and are not one of the more flamboyant birds to be found on farmland. Never the less, they can bring an array of colour to the landscape by other mean…

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PARTRIDGE inspires European politicians during a farm walk

30 July 2019

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A sizable delegation from the European Parliament recently visited the PARTRIDGE project in the Netherlands. PARTRIDGE aims to increase the natural resources …

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Funding boost for vital grey partridge project

20 June 2019

A EUROPEAN project that strives to increase the grey partridge population through high levels of biodiversity has received a three-year extension.

PARTRIDGE (Protecting the Area’s Resources Through…

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Head of Interreg PARTRIDGE Dr Francis Buner provides some useful tips on how to safeguard wild grey partridges and other gamebirds during periods of torrential rain

19 June 2019

HAVING around three months of rain fall in a matter of days could have severe effects on nesting wild gamebirds such as the grey partridge.

These conditions can particularly affect the survival of …

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How the NSR PARTRIDGE project is influencing agri-environment policy making in Flanders, Belgium - Frank Stubbe from the Flemish Land Agency (VLM) explains

11 June 2019

On 6th June, a delegation of VLM staff (Flemish Land Agency) visited the PARTRIDGE demo area of Ramskapelle in Belgium. The group consisted of the key people responsible for policy preparing (CAP, Pil…

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First Scottish farmer cluster visits PARTRIDGE demo site

03 May 2019


On a sunny but windy day in April, a group of farmers visited the Interreg North-sea region PARTRIDGE demonstration site, Balgonie.  Along with Fiona Torrance, PARTRIDGE research assistant, the g…

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Visit from Brussels – PARTRIDGE draws attention

07 March 2019


From left to right: Anne-Lieke Struijk-Faber (Birdlife Netherlands), Arno Teunissen (Province North-Brabant), Jochem Sloothaak (Brabants Landschap), Meeuwis Millenaar (farmer and PARTRIDGE fi…

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Scottish demonstration sites show what farmers are doing for wildlife

18 February 2019

This year’s was bigger than ever. Well, it feels that way anyhow with lots of people talking about it, plenty of chat on social media and more people, I think, carrying ou…

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Valentinstag der Rebhühner

13 February 2019

Rebhühner halten im Winter in „Ketten“ zusammen, das sind entweder ein Elternpaar mit seinen erwachsenen Jungvögeln des vorangegangenen Sommers, oder Rebhühner, die keinen Bruterfolg hatten und sich z…

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