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Farmland birds in the UK prefer PARTRIDGE measures in winter

17 January 2024

With monitoring data collected at Rotherfield and Balgonie, we show that high-quality agricultural areas attract more wintering birds than standard agricultural areas.

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De patrijs als sleutel tot succes in herstel van landbouwbiodiversiteit

14 November 2023

In het licht van de zorgwekkende achteruitgang van landbouwbiodiversiteit in heel Europa, liet het Europese PARTRIDGE-project zien hoe een gebiedsgerichte beheeraanpak en samenwerking kunnen bijdragen…

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Providing winter food for farmland birds: Who visits feeders and does it work?

02 November 2023

Supplementary winter feeding with gamebird feeders was part of our PARTRIDGE management toolbox. But did our target species actually use these feeders? And do best-practice guidelines for feeder manag…

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PARTRIDGE habitat mapping

03 October 2023

One of the core objectives of the PARTRIDGE Interreg project was to improve our demonstration sites by creating additional, and enhancing existing, beneficial wildlife habitats such as beetle banks an…

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How to improve Agri-environmental Schemes across the North Sea Region countries

18 September 2023

- what we have learnt from speaking to 74 people who would know

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How to improve Agri-environment Schemes in the North Sea Region?

18 September 2023

Develop a system that works for farmers AND biodiversity

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Restoring the red-listed grey partridge across the North Sea region: Lessons from the PARTRIDGE project

12 September 2023

Against the backdrop of the concerning decline in farmland species across Europe, our project set out to demonstrate how targeted management measures can restore farmland biodiversity by up to 30%. Ce…

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PARTRIDGE wildflower blocks increase local linnet population at Diemarden demonstration site, Germany

31 August 2023

At one of our German demonstration sites, Diemarden, the linnet - a seed-eating-finch and iconic farmland songbird - appears to be rather fond of the PARTRIDGE wildflower blocks. With linnet populatio…

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Vlaamse landbouwvogels houden van PARTRIDGE maatregelen in de winter

16 August 2023

Met monitoring data verzameld gedurende drie winters tonen we aan dat hoog kwaliteit landbouwgebieden meer overwinterende vogels aantrekken dan standaard landbouwgebieden.

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PARTRIDGE measures attract farmland birds in winter

14 August 2023

We show, with monitoring data collected over three winters, that arable farmland which provides more than 7% high-quality wildlife habitats attracts more wintering birds than standard agricultural are…

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