Oude Doorn (Netherlands)

The Oude Doorn Demonstration Site is in the North Brabant Province between the rivers Merwede and Bergsche Maas, near the villages of Sleeuwijk and Almkerk.

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The area of approximately 500 hectares is used as arable farmland (65%) and grassland (25%) by a total of 38 farmers, the average field size is relatively small.  The remaining 10% of the area consists of nature reserves and private gardens and backyards. The common crops are sugar beet, beans, wheat, barley, onions and potatoes.

The area contains several old dikes, originally built for water protection, but no longer in use.    These dikes are surrounded by small villages, in which there are mixture of smallholdings and houses with large gardens.  The most common farmland birds in the area are yellow wagtail, white wagtail, grey partridge, pheasant, meadow pipit, skylark, greenfinch, tree sparrow, little owl, barn owl and common kestrel. 

Volunteers helping with the monitoring

Dutch and Flemish farmers discussing newly established beetle bank with project managers

At the start of the project, the demonstration area still lacks good breeding habitat, shelter and winter feeding opportunities for grey partridges and other farmland birds. The habitat improvements within PARTRIDGE will focus on creating flower blocks, beetle banks, hedges and winter stubbles. We will work closely together with a collective of farmers, the local hunters association and a local nature protection organisation with many volunteers.

A field coordinator will stay in touch with the local farmers to discuss the measures on their land. We will also involve other inhabitants in the project area in the monitoring and fieldwalks. In this demonstration area, foxes are hunted intensively. Currently, we do not consider additional predator control measures.

Project calendar for Oude Doorn

For further details, please contact:

Jochem Sloothaak (Brabants Landschap)
Email: werkgroeppatrijs@gmail.com

Field co-ordinator for local farmers:
Meeuwis Millenaar (ANV Altena-Biesbosch)
Email: info@anv-altenabiesbosch.nl

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