Burgh-Sluis Demonstration Site (Netherlands)

The Burgh-Sluis Demonstration site is situated on the former island of Schouwen-Duivenland, in the Province of Zeeland. It borders the Schelde estuary and is protected by dikes. The flat and open landscape lies below sea level, so there are many kilometres of ditches in the area. It is these diteches, together with the hedges, dikes and farmsteads define the landscape. Within the 500 hectare site there are eight arable and dairy farms, and some smaller nature reserves.

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In winter, the area is attracts wintering skylark, linnet and meadow pipit as well as raptors such as kestrels, hen harriers and short eared owl. For the last three years nature organisations and farmers have worked together to find ways to protect farmland birds and increase biodiversity on the farms, away from traditional nature reserves.  Through PARTRIDGE we aim to involve more stakeholders and to increase biodiversity and ecosystem services by 30%. Together with local farmers we plan to create flowerblocks, beetle banks, hedges and winterstubbles for farmland birds.


Although grey partridges breed and winter in the area, throughout the province of Zeeland numbers are critically low. In 2017 the first intensive monitoring of partridges will take place to determine the exact density.  We aim to demonstrate how a diverse group of stakeholders can work together to improve the area in such a way that it becomes suitable again for a viable population of partridges and other farmland birds.

Project calendar for Burgh-Sluis

For further details, please contact:

Chris Vreugdenhil (project coordinator, Stichting Het Zeeuwse Landschap)
Email: c.vreugdenhil@hetzeeuwselandschap.nl
Phone: +31(0)113-569117

Field co-ordinator for local farmers:

Alex Wieland (Stichting Landschapsbeheer Zeeland)
Email: alex.wieland@landschapsbeheerzeeland.nl

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