Balgonie Demonstration Farm (UK)

Balgonie is in the ‘Kingdom of Fife’, close to the town of Glenrothes, in eastern Scotland. An arable-dominated region, the approx. 500ha area of Balgonie in the PARTRIDGE project produces barley, wheat, oats and oilseed rape, plus potatoes.


Historically, Grey Partridge were more abundant than today in the open landscapes of Fife that surround Balgonie though Balgonie supports a modest population despite no tradition of management on the site for this species. Balgonie has a single owner, one farm manager (plus 2-3 tractor drivers) and no gamekeeper, and the team are very keen to see the number of greys on the farm increase.




We are hoping to introduce a significant area of new cover crop strips and blocks, and plant some new hedges or fill gaps in existing ones, to achieve the 7% of quality Grey Partridge habitats required. We also hope to introduce hopper feeding to the area this winter.


We have around 4.5 pairs of Grey Partridge per 100ha at Balgonie, a few Brown Hares and good numbers of Yellowhammer and Skylark.


Project calendar for Balgonie


For further details, please contact:


Dave Parish
Head of Lowland Research Scotland
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Phone: 07889 891956)


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