Our latest PARTRIDGE video from our Flanders Demosite, Ramskapelle



PARTRIDGE is a project co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme which show-cases how new and improved management solutions can improve biodiversity and ecosystem services by up to 30% by 2023 at 10 demonstration sites across the region.

PARTRIDGE (Protecting the Area’s Resources Through Researched Innovative Demonstration of Good Examples), is one of 11 projects which were approved in 2016 by the Interreg North Sea Region. In 2019, the project was awarded an extension until 2023. The programme aims to make the region more innovative, resilient and sustainable.









Grey Partridge playback surveys with the Interreg NSR PARTRIDGE project






Hare counting with the Interreg NSR PARTRIDGE project





PARTRIDGE mix on the Rotherfield Estate






Why and how to create a wildlife flower plot for partridges and other farmland wildlife






A day in the life of a GWCT student in Scotland 






PARTRIDGE Project Enamel Pins

In 2020 PARTRIDGE produced an exclusive enamel flying partridge pins to help support our project.  These are now almost sold out. All funds produced from this fundraiser go towards the conservation of grey partridges and help fight the loss of our wildlife on arable farmland.  Last few pins can be purchased HERE



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Partridges soar at Balgonie!!

17 November 2022

Balgonie estate is the prime PARTRIDGE demonstration site in Scotland. This project, funded by the EU’s North Sea Region Interreg programme, aims to s…

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Plant Species Richness in Burghsluis: a virtual plant tour

19 October 2022

After several years of PARTRIDGE measures (such as flower blocks, beetle banks, strip cultivation and a one-hectare rare arable flora plot) being in p…

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Co-operation falls on fertile ground for PARTRIDGE flower blocks in Flanders

05 October 2022

Six years into the PARTRIDGE project we have gained growing evidence to suggest that PARTRIDGE flower blocks enhance farmland biodiversity and benefit…

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What does farmland biodiversity mean to me?

27 September 2022

When I read Lene’s blog on what farmland biodiversity means to her, it got me asking the same question of myself. Obviously, as the demo site manager…

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A GWCT student's perspective on our visit to Denmark

01 September 2022

After a very interesting trip to Denmark with the Interreg NSR PARTRIDGE Project, it’s safe to say this country is on the re-visit list for a lot of u…

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