Video highlights

In the videos below, our projects capture some of their main achievements and results. Watch them to get a glimpse of the 

NorthSEE: Working together on maritime spatial planning  

NorthSEE brought together governments, research institutes, and other stakeholders around the busy North Sea. The project set the stage for stronger long-term cooperation to coordinate the future of the busy North Sea.  


INDU-ZERO: Energy retrofitting 22 million homes at half the price

INDU-ZERO's factory blueprint enables mass renovation of 22 million houses, reducing energy poverty and enabling housing associations to meet the European climate targets. Its demo house has attracted attention from both housing associations and investors.

HyTrEc2: Building a green hydrogen transport economy

From Dutch national TV: A story about green hydrogen transport contributes to the transformation of Groningen City to become a fossil-free city. The city's innovative approach to green hydrogen is proudly delivered through HyTrEc2.

PARTRIDGE: Farmers with an eye for biodiversity

"The partridge symbolises hope." This heart-warming video shows how farmers take a fresh look on their land when managing for the benefit of the iconic partridge. 

Sullied Sediments: Detecting and removing toxins from river systems

Sullied Sediments used advanced technology and engaged with citizens to tackle harmful substances in river water. 

REFRAME: Putting local food on the table

One of REFRAME's 100 solutions to foster short food supply chains was a concept called "Order from the farmer". The video shows how it brought the local community closer together. 


Carbon Farming: What the carbon farmers learned

Four farmers participating in the project explain why climate-friendly carbon farming matters to them and what they learned from joining the project. 



TOPSOIL: Informing freshwater governance

Policymakers hail the benefits of TOPSOIL's work to map the top soil and predict local climate impacts. 


EMPOWER 2.0: How to empower active energy citizens

EMPOWER 2.0 shares a range of methods and approaches that enable people to become active energy citizens. 

CATCH: Climate adaptation in midsize cities

CATCH helps midsize cities to cope with extreme weather.

City of Zwolle, the Netherlands: Smart traffic solution responding to urban flooding

Like! Creating a digital mindset in public service

Like! developed an array of digital solutions for public administrations to provide better services for their citizens.  


SEEV4-City: Powering electric vehicles with local green energy

SEEV4-City developed city-wide grids supporting the charging of electric vechicles by local green power as well as vechicle-to-grid solutions transferring surplus energy back to the grid. In Amsterdam, two pilots demonstrated the feasibility of Smart Charging Plazas.