We make a difference by boosting energy efficiency

How can the  European Union reduce at least 55% of its CO2 emissions by 2030? The most obvious answer is to use less energy in the first place.

Buildings alone account for 40% of the energy consumption in Europe. By renovating older buildings and making energy grids more efficient , there is scope for reducing emissions, becoming more fuel self-sufficient, and cutting energy bills while still keeping people warm. 

Please note: This page features projects focused on the energy efficiency of buildings and energy grids. Projects focused on the circular economy or green transport also contribute to saving energy.

Project highlights

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2IMPREZS: Energising young students to save energy

In 2IMPREZS, school kids take leadership in achieving massive energy savings in 141 schools in the North Sea Region.

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ACCESS: Conserving energy through smart grids and storage  

ACCESS promotes local urban energy hubs including smart grid and storage solutions that help communities to utilise green energy more efficiently. 

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COBEN: Engaging communities in the energy transition

COBEN showcases the power of communities in pushing the green energy transition. In Denmark, COBEN engaged over 400+ households in an energy renovation scheme.

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EMPOWER 2.0: Coaching energy renovations

In its Kortrijk pilot, EMPOWER 2.0 supports local Renovation Coaches to visit communities and home owners. The aim is to inspire them to energy renovate their homes. 

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INDU-ZERO: Speeding up energy renovation

The project develops a factory blueprint for energy retrofitting 22 million older buildings in the North Sea Region. The concept enables faster energy renovation at half the price. 

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SEEV4-City: Linking smart V2G to green power

The project combined green power with next generation batteries and vehicle-to-grid solutions. This raised the efficiency and stability of urban energy grids.

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SMARTGREEN: Reducing the climate footprint of greenhouses

Greenhouses consume a lot of energy. SMARTGREEN explores the use of data and LED lighting systems to cut the energy bill and spare the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.



Stronghouse: Helping homeowners to invest in energy renovation

Stronghouse empowers homeowners and neighbourhoods to invest in the energy efficiency of private homes. Its aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of 22,000 homes by 36 kiloton and generate a €120 million investment. 

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