We make a difference for the blue economy

A sustainable blue economy is a part of the EU Green Deal. The growing blue economy must be aligned with needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste and pollution, create green ports, and preserve marine biodiversity. 

We fund projects that help protect a healthy North Sea through forward-looking planning and sustainable economic development in the maritime sector. 

Project highlights

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DecomTools: Disposing of ageing wind farms

How can worn-out wind turbines be dismantled in a safe and eco-friendly way? As offshore wind farms are ageing, DecomTools finds solutions to this pressing issue.  

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DUAL Ports: Creating sustainable ports  

From LED lighting and circular approaches to hydrogen fuel and windpower: DUAL Ports helped small and medium sized ports to be part of a greener future. 

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GEANS: Using DNA to check out ecosystem health

GEANS develops a DNA library for benthic organisms. Like the canary in the coal mine, changes in the DNA patterns are signs of larger trends likely to affect marine wildlife. 





Inn2POWER: Building windpower supply chains

Inn2POWER builds skills and innovation power among SMEs in offshore wind supply chains. This enables the windpower industry in the North Sea to forge ahead full speed. 

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JOMOPANS: Keeping tabs on noise in the North Sea

JOMOPANS developed a joint monitoring system for gauging human noise levels in the North Sea. This is a critical factor in ensuring the welfare of marine animals. 



NON-STOP: Bringing medium-sized ports into the future

NON-STOP uses digital tools to make port operations more efficient by 10% while also reducing energy use and pollution by 10%.



NorthSEE: Cooperating on maritime spatial planning 

The project brought governments and research institutions together to identify sustainable pathways for blue growth and marine protection.  

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North Sea Wrecks: uncovering the toxic legacy of war

Thousands of ship and aircraft wrecks, munition and chemical warfare agents, bunker oil and hazardous cargo. Wreckage in the North Sea poses environmental risk and could jeopardise operations like drilling or installing offshore wind platforms. 

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OESA: Accelerating ocean energy

The Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance (OESA) was an accelerator project developing and deploying large-scale marine energy pilots. Wave, tidal, and current energy were among the trials. 

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PERISCOPE: Greening the blue economy

PERISCOPE boosted maritime innnovation in the North Sea Region to transform the blue economy. This helped embed emerging blue markets in goals of  the EU Green Deal. 



RIGHT: Building skills for a sustainable blue economy

RIGHT identified the skills required to build a stronger and more sustainable blue economy. The project ran pilot training to close skills gaps and meet the regional industry's needs. 





WASP: Promoting sails with a modern twist

WASP builds momentum for wind-assisted shipping in the North Sea by testing advanced technology in collaboration with shipowners.

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