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22 September 2022: Recommendations published

Based on the OESA Policy Summits, the OESA partnership published its 'Recommendations from the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance'. The recommendations can be found here.

2 July 2022: Video's OESA developers

All four OESA technology developers share their achievements during the project in the OESA end-of-project showcase video's. These video's were presented to a broad audience at the Accelerator Conference 2 July in The Hague. Please find the video's on YouTube by clicking the links of the developers below:

Floating Power Plant




2 July 2022: OESA service offer: brochure and video

To showcase the service offer of the OESA partners to help marine energy technologies realise large scale deployments, an interactive brochure and video have been developed. The video is available on YouTube here. To receive the OESA service brochure, please fill in this form.



2 July 2022: Marine Energy Accelerator Conference, The Hague

The Marine Energy Accelerator Conference - OESA End of Project Event took place on June 2, 2022. During the session 'Accelerating Marine Energy Solutions', the development story and achievements of the four OESA technology developers were shared. In an interactive session, the OESA partners presented the newly developed service offer to help marine energy technologies realise large scale deployments. All of this was supported by the presentation of the most crucial lessons learned on demonstration and technology acceleration. In the afternoon, a policy session took place together with the Community of Practice North Sea, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and Renewable Risk Advisers. Together, all participants discussed a range of different policies that can increase the uptake of marine energy in Europe. At the end of the day, the Marine Energy Hub was officially opened. As a base for the marine energy ecosystem, the hub brings together all of its stakeholders to accelerate and experience marine energy.

View the sessions online here:

Session 1: The OESA Story

Session 2: OESA Service Offer Launch

Session 3: Policies for Marine Energy



12 May 2022: Cross Project Collaboration at All Energy, Glasgow

At the annual All Energy conference, partners of the Interreg projects OESA, Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) and Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) joined forces. The event in Glasgow gave partners from all three projects the opportunity to put their heads together and exchange thoughts and experience that have been collected throughout the three projects.

OESA has collected a wide range of experiences from working with marine energy SMEs at early stage all the way through to large-scale deployments and in a number of different levels of engagement, from directly targeted workshops all the way to a full 3,5 year collaborations. The lessons learned that have been captured will go to inform the final OESA service offer and insights will be shared at the Marine Energy Accelerator Conference on 2 June 2022. 


21 - 25 March 2022: Back in Dubai - The world in one place

Since 1851 the World Expo has brought together countries from around the globe, all driven by their curiosity for new technologies and the urge to share developments and innovations with the world. Under the motto ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ the Expo 2020 combined the topics of ‘Sustainability’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘Opportunity’ in Dubai between October 2021 and March 2022.

In this truly global setting many pavilions from the North Sea Region stood out with a clear focus on the future of energy and the importance of a renewable and sustainable focus. This allowed the OESA project to join for example pitching sessions at the Climate Tech Tour in the UK pavilion and to participate in the Water Business Week to promote marine energy and its combined use cases with space technologies such as satellite observation at the Norwegian pavilion. At the Water-Energy-Food Nexus event in the Dutch pavilion we gave visitors the opportunity to experience marine energy solutions in virtual reality.

Beyond the Expo we made use of the great innovation network that Dubai offers, by showcasing marine energy, its potential and the solutions developed at the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus - Dtec Accelerator and by visiting the university campus of Heriot-Watt University together with a delegation from the Cayman islands.

6-7 December 2021: Ocean Energy Europe conference, Brussels

6 and 7 December the Ocean Energy Europe conference took place in Brussels. The OESA project was present at the conference with the marine energy VR experience and disseminated the brand new OESA service brochure.


23 November 2021: Models for North Sea Conference

The North Sea Conference 23 November 2021 in Bruges was cancelled due to COVID restrictions. The OESA project was ready to present at the conference the scale models of Floating Power Plant and NoviOcean. The project is looking forward to showcase these models and present the VR experience 23 April 2022, the new date for the event.


11 & 12 November 2021: OESA Steering Committee Meeting, The Hague

11 and 12 November 2021, the OESA project partners came together in The Hague at the 6th OESA Steering Committee Meeting. Due to travel restrictions this was the first opportunity since November 2019 for the partners to meeting in person. At the newly established Marine Energy hub in the harbour of Scheveningen, all project partners used the opportunity to discuss the final phase of the project. Next to ongoing activities a special focus was placed on increasing the impact of the project and utilising its outcomes to the fullest.


7 October 2021: Marine Energy at Expo 2020, Dubai

At the Netherlands pavilion of the Expo 2020 Dubai, the hybrid-event 'Marine Energy: A New Wave of Renewables' took place on 7 October 2021. During the session, international participants got insights on the potential of marine energy and the OESA project. Marine energy solutions were also presented in the Marine Energy VR Experience.


11 March 2021: IRO Session "The Potential of Marine Energy", online

On 11 March 2021, the session 'The Potential of Marine Energy' was held in cooperation with IRO (The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry) and the Central Dredging Association (CEDA). The goal of the session was to introduce marine energy and the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance project to the offshore and maritime industry and to further explore collaboration opportunities. The session welcomed important industry players ranging from project developers to business advisors, who together shed more light on marine energy’s place in the wider offshore renewable energy industry.


10 February 2021: BlueInvest E-Pitching session, online

To connect the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance project to investors, the BlueInvest, “Marine Energy E-Pitching session” took place on 10 February 2021. In this e-pitching session, three OESA marine energy companies showcased their innovations to the BlueInvest network of investors: Floating Power Plant, Seabased and SeaTwirl. BlueInvest is an investor community focusing on the blue economy, hosted by the online matchmaking platform Euroquity. In collaboration with the European Commission, BlueInvest provides support services to progress the investment readiness of start-ups and SMEs and connects them to investors. This event and collaboration increased the visibility of marine energy for investors, showcased the diversity of technologies and helped the OESA developers to gain more understanding of information typically required by investors.


28 October 2020: ImpactFest 2020, online

To connect with a broad group of stakeholders, including policy makers and investors, the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance project was present at the online ImpactFest on 28 October. This year's theme of the ImpactFest, Europe's largest impact meet-up, was 'Innovations for the New Economy' with a focus on Water, Food & Agri, Energy and Humanitarian Innovation. At the ImpactFest, OESA hosted the session 'Marine Energy: The Next Big Thing in Energy', where we gave the participants an introduction to marine energy, and explored possible collaboration and network opportunities. 


27 & 28 October 2020: Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC), Amsterdam

Despite ongoing travel and contact restrictions, the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance project has successfully continued its efforts to connect to stakeholders of marine energy. The Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference (OEEC), an annual industry event, usually attracts around 12.000 people to meet in Amsterdam. During this year's online event, the OESA project hosted multiple sessions to connect marine energy developers to relevant supply chain companies and to communicate the potential and challenges of marine energy to policy stakeholders.

In three sessions, German wave energy developer Nemos, Scottish floating tidal energy developer Orbital Marine and French tidal energy developer HydroQuest presented their technologies as well as challenges in their current development. In discussion with an international group of service providers and engineering companies the developers could make new connections and get access to lessons learned from existing offshore industries. At the same time the OESA project could share its successes and raise information about the emerging marine energy sector and new opportunities for the offshore supply chain.



13 October 2020: Digital collaboration, online

Over the last months the OESA team has not only shifted their project work, but also their accelerator activities to an online format. As an example of this: the service delivery team of the Nemos wave energy device. Aalborg University, DanWEC, DMEC, EMEC, OREC, Uppsala University and SSPA joined forces this week to discuss their joint service offer towards Nemos.

11 - 12 May 2020: 3rd Steering Committee meeting, online

The OESA partnership held its 3rd Steering Committee meeting over the course of 2 days on the 11th & 12th of May. The meeting was driven by the exciting updates regarding the development of the 4 pilot technologies as well as insightful discussions regarding the future opportunities and long-term impact of the OESA partnership. Even though the partnership meeting was restricted to an online format, it gave all partners the chance to connect with each other, get direct insights into the work of individual participants and to exchange important experiences and lessons learned. At the same time we hope that the increased use of such formats will also carry on to the future. Through more extensive experience with online meeting formats for longer events with intense discussions involved, we hope to reduce travelling together with its costs for funders, project participants and the environment.



3 - 4 December 2019: Service provider workshop, Oostende

At the core of the OESA project stands the development of a collaborative service offer for the project beneficiaries. To discuss the different approaches in accelerating Ocean Energy developers, identify collaboration opportunities and discuss the strategic ideas of the accelerator, the OESA service providers met in Oostende for a 2-day workshop. Since the NEMOS wave energy converter was recently tested just off the coast from the Belgian village, the partners also had a chance to visit the prototype. Next to services that are already being provided to the developers in the project, the partners are now looking forward to combining their services and develop a holistic accelerator programme.


7 October - 9 October 2019: Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, Amsterdam

At the annual Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, the OESA project gave its technology developers a stage to connect with the offshore sector. In discussion tables with offshore contractors and supply chain companies, SeaTwirl and Floating Power Plant had the chance to discuss the technical challenges that come with the scaling up of their technologies to learn about existing and innovative solutions as well as gaining valuable contacts for their future development and commercialisation. Together with the offshore supply chain, OESA will help the Ocean Energy sector to reach a more mature stage and lower costs. In the context of this conference also the bi-annual OESA steering committee meeting took place, where all project partners came together to discuss progress, important lessons learned and the strategic outlook of the project. Together with the Marine Energy Alliance project of Interreg North West Europe, the partners ended the day with a boat tour through the channels of Amsterdam.


30 September - 1 October 2019: Ocean Energy Europe, Dublin

The OEE2019 conference was themed around the vision of ocean energy as a mainstream power source. The conference explored what still needs to be done to push ocean energy into the mainstream, and highlighted the added value that the technologies bring to the table. The OESA project actively participated in the conference and presented on the topic of attracting investments into the sector.



6 September 2019: EWTEC, Naples

The European Wave & Tidal Energy (EWTEC) conference, being organised every 2 years, is one of the largest conferences on Research & Development in the Ocean Energy sector. The OESA project participated in this conference to gain further insight in the challenges and opportunities of Ocean Energy development outside the North Sea region, as well as to inform developers as and stakeholders about the possibilities in participating in the OESA project. With over 530 delegates from 25 countries, nearly 40% of whom came from companies rather than academia, this occasion was ideal to present the OESA project to an audience beyond the North Sea Region. Especially with offshore and utility companies from Italy participating in the conference, this was a great success.



25 - 26 June 2019: North Sea Conference, Marstrand

With the theme ‘Climate Change’, the annual North Sea Conference was a great stage for the OESA project to present the opportunities of Ocean Energy to a broad group of stakeholders. At the conference we showed that next to wind and solar energy, marine energy plays and important role in providing green energy to the North Sea Region. At workshops on climate adaptation we also discussed the opportunities of Ocean Energy in combination with coastal protection. During a great framework programme, organised by the Joint Secretariat, the conference was also a good opportunity to align with other projects and stakeholders in the region.



21 - 22 February 2019: Kick-Off meeting, The Hague

During the 2-day meeting, hosted by the Dutch Marine Energy Centre, the Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance took its first steps towards implementation. All 13 partners led a number of fruitful discussions surrounding the project management, implementation as well as the communication and dissemination within OESA. At the centre of this meeting stood the productive exchange and numerous discussions between the service providers and technology developers in the partnership. Their collaboration will form the core of the developed scale-up offer which will be developed and applied during the next 3 years.



13 -14 February 2019: Connecting Seas conference, Hamburg

The Connecting Seas conference addressed the issue of Marine Spatial Planning in the North Sea region as well as the Baltic Sea region. The energy workshop of the event gave us the opportunity to present the OESA project and to invite stakeholders to join our platform. The broad audience of government bodies and stakeholders from offshore and shipping also gave insights into the MSPs of different countries and the potential to form a lobby for ocean energy.


undefinedCredit: VASAB/Connecting Seas conference