Pilots in OESA

Next to the expertise from eight service providers, OESA also benefits from the insights into development processes and challenges in the deployment of marine energy pilots of four technology developers. They represent a diverse group of companies with activities in 6 different NSR countries and cover in their expertise the fields of floating wind energy and wave energy. At the same time they represent a variety of different challenges, which contributes to a scale-up offer covering an equally various field of services.


Seabased AB

A Swedish/Norwegian technology company developing a wave energy technology. The hallmark of their technology is its simplicity. Due to its modular design wave parks can be designed in a “plug & play” fashion that will capitalise on cost control in manufacturing, installation and maintenance activities. In addition, Seabased’s technology enables a flexible deployment. With a track record of twelve years, Seabased has been piloting their innovation since 2006. They gained experience from working in myriad environments across Europe and Africa.

Seabased’s solution generates a lot of power with relatively small waves, seldom requires batteries, is virtually invisible, and creates artificial reefs that can benefit marine animal and plant life.

In OESA, Seabased will use the Scale-up Service Offer for whole system optimization (generator-electrical), dry testing and accelerating certification planning/procedures.





A German technology company developing a wave energy converter. Their device is a result of eight years of conceptual investigations and focused pre-tests in laboratory and sea conditions to optimise efficiency and robustness. The development work led to significant decreases in costs of the system, which shows promise for future deployments of NEMOS’s system. The next step is to scale up the wave energy converter
and to test it in relevant sea conditions for a longer period.

In OESA, NEMOS will use the Scale-up Service Offer to develop and test its optimized device in Denmark (site of partner DanWEC). The OESA service partners will combine their expertise in identifying supporting technologies for large scale deployment and defining a viable pathway towards commercialisation, including setting up a complementary supply chain and identification of future customers.



SeaTwirl AB

A Swedish technology company developing a floating wind turbine. SeaTwirl is committed to the development of a floating wind turbine where the entire system consisting of turbine, generator and floater is optimized for offshore application, resulting in lower LCOE (levelized cost of energy). After a successful pilot of a prototype in SeaTwirl’s native Sweden, which produces energy to the grid, they are now gearing up for several large-scale pilots and commercial deployment.

In OESA, SeaTwirl will use the Scale-up Service Offer to realise and accelerate a large-scale pilot in Norway. The OESA partnership will provide services related to operations and maintenance planning and the development of technical models that help validate and re-engineer critical components of the device.




Floating Power Plant A/S

A Danish developer working on the development and commercialisation of their combined floating wind and wave solution. FPP successfully performed several demonstrations and is now scaling-up towards deploying multiple pilots. Their initial focus is on the NSR, in particular on deployments in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Norway, due to the unparalleled development opportunities and the existence of an experienced supply chain.

Floating power plant is the world's first succesfully offshore-tested combined wind and wave device.

In OESA, FPP will use the Scale-up Service Offer to further enable a deployment of a large-scale pilot in Scotland. The OESA service partners will join forces to deliver a wide variety of services including comprehensive technical validation, development of an operation and maintenance plan for the pilot, and the development of a solid business case.